Oranda Universal Washi Painter's Tape

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Perfect tape for universal, smooth and irregular surfaces; suitable for wet paint removal.

  • Easy removal until 3 months after application
  • Masking for a boundary fine line when painting
  • Suitable for multiple layer paint jobs
  • Not suitable for application, zinc, lead and lead-based paints, copper, anodized metals and natural stone (marble, etc.)
  • Surfaces on which the tape is applied should be dry, free from dust, oil solvents or other chemicals

Instructions for use and storage

  • Keep the tape in a heat and frost free environment. Preferably between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit at 65% relative humidity
  • Clean the surface to guarantee optimal attachment of the tape. The surface has to be dry, without any fat or dust to achieve optimal adhesion.
  • Test the tape on a clean surface before use.           
  • Roll down several inches of tape, place it on the surface and press down firmly. Do not pull the tape out too far to prevent the tape creeping up or tearing.
  • For grouting joints with sealing compound, the tape must be removed before the drying process, otherwise the tape is difficult to remove.
  • Check the number of days the tape is removable without residue. Remove the tape after the drying process at an angle of 45 degrees. Do this evenly and not too fast. If there are still remnants of glue, try removing the tape at an angle of 90 degrees