• Washi based painter's tape with a light blue wall on the background and minimalist furniture

    Clean Crisp Lines

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Clean Crisp Lines

For Interior Designers

For Artists

For the Outdoors

From Japan via Holland

Choose your favorite

No matter the type of project you are working on, we have exactly the tape for you:

Oranda Universal: For universal applications: smooth, curved and slightly irregular surfaces

Oranda Gentle: The perfect artists' tape for delicate applications: freshly painted surfaces, wallpaper, canvas, etc.

Oranda Rugged: The perfect tape for rough and humid surfaces.

"I am OBSESSED with the tape, it's so good"


"I am loving it!! Definitely am going to need to order some more"


"the dark orange tape is so da*n good..! for real the best tape I had so far"


I used the universal tape, and found it surprisingly easy to tape off a curved lines. I am happy I discovered universal tape and look forward to trying some of your other products"


"I'm very happy with the tape so far. I used it to make strips and they came out perfect no bleeding and no pulling on my paint"


Comparison Test

Compared to the typical masking tapes, washi is superior in strength and flexibility, provides a lighter and more textured feel, and offers optimal adhesion which is mild enough to not damage the underlying surface, yet thorough enough to prevent leaks and "bleeding".

No Bubbling. Liquid repelling property ensures thorough adhesion to the surface

No Paint Bleeding. Uniform adhesion guarantees clean straight lines

Perfect "Peel". Experience the unparalleled satisfaction of "the peel" to reveal perfection.

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